We supply two sorts of natural honey of the highest quality:

natural flower honey from Russia in retail packages and drums

Natural flower honey from Russia
Natural honey from wild flowers of the exclusive quality gathered from the best and cleanest areas of wild nature

Exploited two groups of honey:

1. From one sort of flowers
•Lime tree (linden) honey (this is simply the best honey sort that exists)
•Acacia honey (supreme high quality natural flower honey with exceptional taste)
•Sunflower honey (delicious natural honey)
•Buckwheat flowers honey (delicious natural honey with taste of wild flowers)
•Sweet clover honey (delicious natural honey with taste of wild flowers)
•Mountain chestnut honey (exclusive delicious natural honey of rare sort)

2. From several sorts of flowers
•wood  mixed flowers honey (natural honey harvested by bees from the wild forest flowers)
•mountain flowers honey (this honey is harvested from the mountain rare flowers of hard reaching Altai mountain region of South Siberia)
•meadow flowers honey (the natural honey with rich sweet taste of meadow flowers)
•taiga flowers honey (this honey is harvested from taiga woods of Siberia, the vastest areas of woods not contaminated by any human presence)


South regions of Russia, mountain flower meadows of South Siberia in Russia, taiga regions of South Siberia. Ecologically clean areas far from any industrial objects.


•        Moisture           :average 18% -20%, max 21%
•        Reducing sugar: 82% Min; average from 84% and up
•        Saccharine       :average 3,5%-5%; 6% Max.
•        Diastase           :from 10 up to 22 Gote
•       Total acidity       :max 6,0 cm3 , average 3,0-4,5 cm3
•        Free from any antibiotic

For more information about available packages and prices please see the pdf.file with our .
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Natural Honey
from Vietnam
Natural honey from Vietnam
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Natural honey from Vietnam
This product is delivered only in bulk quantities in drums.
Honey in drums

Vietnamese Pure Natural Honey (bright Amber) with high quality.

There are two kinds of honey 1) Harvested from the wild flowers of different tree species and 2) from young leaves of rubbery tree. More details see below.

Delivery term
FOB port Hochiminh City, Vietnam

Drums: new 290kg drum (see picture) covered inside, being suitable for food, with safety seal (see picture).
Quantity in a 20’’ container: 64 drums, total netto 18560kg.


•        Moisture           : 18.5% Max.
•        Reducing sugar: 65% Min.
•        Saccharine       : 5% Max.
•        HMF                 :20 mg/Kg Max.
•        Diastase           :10 Gote Min.
•        Free axid         :40m Val/Kg Max.
•        Free from any antibiotic .
(In accordance with USDA and USFDA food law, Standard Vietnamese export quality).
Product is homogeneous and unadulterated, free from chloramphenicol and nitrofural residues, free form pesticides, antibiotics, sulfonamides.
The Honey is free from malignant foulbrood, varroasis, acarine and nosemosis and none of the said disease have been found, at least for the last six months within a radius of the 5 km around the apiaries and the honey was not in contact with bees for the last 48 hours before shipping.

Honey sorts

1. Flower honey

From the following flowers depending on the season time:

1.Coffee – This honey has the highest price among the flower honey.
3.Longan – only in May - July and November.
5.Litchi – This honey is exploited only at the North of Vietnam.

2. Leaves honey

Rubber honey (honeydew –leaves honey).This honey is exploited directly from rubber tree when it changes its young leaves every year reckoning from Feb. - May.

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Natural Honey
natural honey from Vietnam in drums