Exclusive Handcraft Products
We are honoured to present wide assortment of the most exclusive jewelry handcraft products from the famous workshops of Zlatoust school.

This is more than 200 years of carefully preserved traditions of the highest quality professional work with precious metals and stones. Zlatoust school is world wide known for its unsurpassed techniques of engraving on metal. Each product is the result of combined work of artists in design, engraving, precious metal treatments, metal polishing and jewelry and has its own unique design.

In creating of these products only the best materials have been used: gold, silver, platinum, precious and semi precious stones, precious kinds of wood, the best kinds of steel like damask and bulat, and other exclusive materials.

Zlatoust masters pay careful attention to every tiniest detail of the product.  Every piece is unique with its own individual design and treatment. Each and every one of these products is made only by hand. The production time takes around 2-3 months for every product. This is the art masterpieces, no mass production here.

Cold weapons and other products made by the masters of Zlatoust school have been present in the houses of the Russian tsars and emperors, heads of the states, highest military officers of different armies and other VIP all around the world.

Zlatoust masters have been always known as the unprecedented smiths working with cold weapons and jewelry decoration of cold weapons. All designs of cold weapons have been tested by time and have been used both at hunting and on the fields of real battles.

Art engraving and special treatment can be made on the products by customer’s order, making the piece that reflects your soul a real precious property. If you have a design, an idea or a sketch and want to have a piece made according to it, the masters of Zlatoust will do their best to create in reality what you have in your vision.

To get a masterpiece of Zlatoust school you need only to contact us.